Friday, January 25, 2013

My Truths

In dealing with my anxiety, I am learning to tell myself the truth.  These are my truths (for now - remember, I'm working on it):

I'm a terrible mother.
    The truth is, I am a good mother and my children love me.

I'm fat.
     The truth is, I'm not fat. 
     The truth is, I have had two babies in three years.
     The truth is, I'm working at it...really hard at it.
     The truth is, my time (for working out) is not my own.

I'm a terrible teacher.
     The truth is, I'm not a terrible teacher.
     The truth is, I work hard every day (and night, and weekend) to be a good teacher.

I don't have any friends. 
     The truth is, I do have friends.  Good friends.

I'm afraid to let the people I love travel.
     The truth is, the people I love are good drivers.
     The truth is, I don't have any control over what might happen.

This is hard work and I am learning it is easier to tell the truth than it is to believe the truth.

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