Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hum Drum

It has been a "hum drum" week. Aside from a continued difference of professional opinion at work, the week has been an ordinary run of the mill week. The kids are fighting little colds. Translation: I'm not sleeping. I've been fighting a nasty headache. Translation: I'm not sleeping. My back is sore from running. Translation: I'm not sleeping. And my husband has been snoring. Translation: I'm not sleeping. However, this IS my normal and I wouldn't trade it for anything (well maybe I would trade it for some sleep at this point).

I have had a student observing me teach reading for the past several weeks and today I handed over the reins and had her teach a lesson. It was no big thing. A small group reading lesson. We did a running record together, she taught the lesson, I observed. She forgot to do a big part of the lesson, but I didn't tell her that because it didn't matter. What she did do was great and when I told her "I noticed..." about your lesson, the look on her face was so worth with holding information. This student gave me hope for the profession. Her obvious pleasure in being able to be the teacher was palpable and that right there is the start of a great teacher. It felt good to have a hand in teaching the teacher. Maybe a PhD IS in my future!?!

Weeks like this make me reflect on what is really important. I am busy, but I haven't been meeting myself coming and going. I am tired, but it's nothing new (and I have fantastic friends who bring me coffee without me asking). Weeks like this allow me to take pleasure in the small moments, to see the spark of a life-long passion and career echoed in another, to take the time for "just one more hug and kiss mom" from my runny nosed babes as I leave them at daycare, to get a massage after a month of being back at running, to appreciate the goodness of worth of friends, and though I don't always like that other person (or the sounds they emit), to appreciate that the one person I have choosen to love forever is sleeping next to me.

Hum Drum is good.

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