Thursday, January 10, 2013

IEP Day and 3 Year Old Lessons

Today was and IEP day for my teaching partner and I. We have a wonderful system. From 8am to 2pm we schedule a meeting every hour, alternating hours. So I have one then she has one then I have one and so on until we reach the end of the day. It is a rather exhausting day, but it is so freeing to have all of them done in one shot and not have to constantly be checking the calendar for dates. In between meetings and typing IEPs, I did a little creative research for materials that would help my students. Among the finds:

*an awesome sight word kit at teachers pay teachers called Rainbow Words
*blank punch cards for monitoring kids behaviors and earning rewards (think coffee cards)
*a list of series books for boys, separated into different reading levels

I can't wait to utilize my new finds (and finish typing IEPs so I can check that off my to do list).

On the home front, my three year old was involved in a scuffle at daycare in which he walked away with a clawed up cheek. I don't know that he learned the value of sharing from this incident, however, I think he did learn the value of telling mom and dad the truth. I discovered today that I am a bit of a helicopter mom (not full fledged, but the tendencies are definitely there). In spite of my tendencies, I felt good about the way I handled the incident and as a result so did my son.

A full day was topped off by a surprise visit from Papa, who practically has celebrity status at our house...and he brought supper!

I am busy and tired, but I am so blessed. AND tomorrow is Friday! Now, if only it could be a snow day...

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