Monday, January 7, 2013

John Deere Green, Sleds, Christmas Trees, and Naptime

It is a very sad day when my husband and I ask each other at 7am, "How many hours until nap time?" We calculate this, not because we dislike our children's company, but instead, we ask this question because we are exhausted!

Our second child is our pride and joy equally as much as our first born is, but they are very different children. Where our first born came into the world with a loud, spirited, and curious personality, our second child came into the world with barely a cry and has continued to be the passive observer. We know he is just as smart as his brother, because he watches everything and takes it all in before acting. Well, until about five days ago that is! Ear infection? Teething? Growth Spurt? Weather change? I hope there is an explanation...we are exhausted!

Despite our exhaustion, we ventured out on Saturday for coffee and cookies from the local coffee shop and a trip to buy a sled. We were looking for a hard plastic or rubber sled, with enough room for two, handles, and an optional pull rope. Doesn't seem like such a tall order for a rural Midwestern town on the first weekend in January. However, apparently sled market closed around Christmas time...needless to say we went home with a little red shovel instead of a sled. Our three year old seemed satisfied with helping shovel for the time being. I guess we will count our blessings that he is excited to help dad shovel! (on a side note, I did find what promises to be an awesome sled on-line and it should be here by Wednesday!)

In addition to excitement about outdoor winter activity, our three year old has had a very creative speaking vocabulary lately. When I hollered, "What are you doing?" from the kitchen on Saturday, the response I received was, "Riding my John Deere green bike in the hallway. That's just what boys do Mom!" Yes indeed...that is what boys do.

Speaking of things boys do, our 10 month old took the tree out for the third and final time on Sunday. It was not as traumatizing the third time as it was the first, so we decided as long as it was down, we would officially take it down and put Christmas away.

Which brings me to my to do list this week:

1. Take down and pack up Christmas decor.
2. Plan meals for next two weeks.
3. Fold laundry and put away.
4. Begin training for 10K (run at least 3 days this week...ugg).
5. Get groceries.
6. Pick up new glasses.
7. Type 5 IEP's.
8. Find creative, easy, screen free activities for boys to do. (thanks pinterest)
9. Read "Dyslexia for Dummies" (stay tuned for blog post regarding Dyslexia)
10. Work on updating boys scrapbooks and journals.

Whew! And thats how we do weekends at our house! Have a great week and here's to getting your "to dos" done.

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