Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Good Did God Give You Today?

This is the phrase I ask my 3 year old every night before bed.  I ask because I want to know and because I want him to know that God gives all things.  Sometimes he lists his toys.  Other nights, his Grammi and Papa, and still others, activities we have done as a family.

Last night, while eating supper on the deck, in the beautiful May weather, he proclaimed, "God gave us eating?  And playing!  And laughing!"  I was so very very proud of him...and myself.  He gets it!  I get it...and despite my less than stellar parenting moments, I am raising a child who will know God.  I am doing it right.

What Good Did God Give Me Today?  - The gift of being that beautiful boys mother.

What Good Did God Give YOU Today?

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