Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Be

I meant to write earlier this week. I meant to write a reflective, heartfelt piece all about what being a mother and Mother's Day means to me. But I didn't.

The truth is, I don't need to write a beautiful, heartfelt piece just to affirm that I am a good mother. What I do need to do is just be. Just be myself, just be a mother to my boys, just spend time with them without plans and checklists and to dos.

My husband has been away all week for work, my oldest went to the farm with my parents, so it was just me and my baby last night. At first, I thought of it as an opportunity to get all kinds of things done, checked off my list, but then I realized...I don't ever get this one on one oldest had two years full of mommy time, but not my baby. So I decided to forget the list and just BE.

Today - I am encouraging others to forget the list (its super hard), leave the dishes in the sink (or at least the dishwasher, leave the clothes on the floor, and leave the finger prints on the window. Tomorrow is a new day and these moments of brief one on one time with our children last only for a short while. Today - I am encouraging others to just BE.

My new daily to do list goes something like this:

Take time to:
play tractors

These are the things that matter most. The rest can wait. Just BE.

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