Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Red Rain Boots

Earlier this week, my three year old stopped me as I was on my way out the door to work. "Mom, wait! I need to show you something before you go," he said. He then ran to the book shelf and pulled out a frayed, softened, and obviously well-read baby board book. He knew exactly what page he was looking for and flipped right to it. The page he choose was a picture of a pair of little red rain boots. "Mom, can you get me a pair of new boots like this today? My black ones are getting too small (they are). I think they are in aisle 5 or maybe 9," he matter of factly told me. We live in a rural area, so the chances of finding toddler sized, shiny, red, rain boots in aisle 5 or 9, let alone any aisle were slim to none. However, I went to work, and searched the internet (not aisle 5 or 9) for little red rain boots. I found some too at one of my favorite sites! Yesterday, when I got home from work a shoe sized box was waiting for me by the door. Excitedly, I opened it up and then told my son, "I have a surprise, come look!" He was so excited and so convinced I found them in aisle 5 or maybe 9 thanks to his good directions.

The little red rain boots, wanted so badly by my little three year old boy, arrived just in time for a spring thaw day. It was beautiful today and the mud and water were both in abundance. We all went for a short walk to the park this afternoon and my boy had a fantastic time splashing through the puddles in his new red rain boots. The joy was palpable and helped to lift my blue spirit.

All that joy from a pair of little red rain boots, found in aisle 5 or maybe 9.

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