Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Turns 1!

My baby turned one yesterday. It was very bittersweet for me. I know it is the "circle of life," but dang it, I wanted to savor those baby moments a little longer. I cried. I cried because he is technically no longer a baby. I cried because he is weaning. I cried because what if this is my last baby (God willing there are more), but I still cried. And then I scolded myself for crying because it has been a beautiful year. A wonderful year. A year full of growth and love and family. 

Although I still felt a little emotional, I tried to make the night fun (the "party" isn't until the weekend).  I bought a little whip cream cake, Neapolitan ice cream, and a cupcake birthday balloon.  The moment my little boy saw that balloon in the car, his eyes lit up; he was mesmerized by its ability to float, shine, and make soft (or not so soft) thrumming noises as he pulled on the string.  Unfortunately for me, my three year old was quite enamoured by the balloon as well...silly me for not thinking that through.  Lesson learned: when in doubt, buy two balloons!  All the same, I drank in those precious moments of playing with (and bickering over) the cupcake balloon. 

We wound down the day by reading through a new stack of books from the library, eating fruit snacks, and snuggling in the big chair.  I have been meaning to get the baby out of our bed, but decided it could wait a few more days.  They are only little once.  Happy Birthday my baby boy!

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