Monday, March 11, 2013

A Birthday Party, A New Rug, and the Flip Side of Anger

The invitations were sent for a little man bash, a moustache bash if you will. I thought I had stumbled onto a "new", creative, party theme, but apparently moustaches are all the range. Who would've thought!?! Anyway...the invitations were sent, the moustache balloons filled with 30 dollar helium were hung, the little man birthday banner, hand tied with handsome baby ribbon, was stretched across the dining room door way, the boys were dressed in their moustache and tie shirts, the cups, plates, napkins, and straws were all adorned with cute little die cut moustaches, and last, but not least the cupcakes were skewered with little black moustaches. I thought I did pretty well even with a pop-culture theme...and then my husband's grandmother said, "What's on the cupcakes? Sunglasses?" She's an old German farm wife, what can I say (and I mean that very affectionately). The party was a hit and the kids made it almost to the end without a meltdown. The hubby and I decided that it should be mandatory that birthday parties be accompanied by a babysitter and/or a good bottle of wine.


Friday night the "USP" (UPS) man made a supper time visit, delivering a large, flat, rectangular package to our door. The package contained our new "wellness mat" a thick, foam, rug for the kitchen which is supposed to be better for your back, legs, etc... etc... The rug is dark brown with a swirly pattern embossed on it and edges contoured to meet the floor; perfect for a little tractor loving man to farm on. Also apparently the perfect place to practice crawling back and forth. I have spent the last two and a half days pulling that rug into position in front of the sink only to find it in the kids bedroom, the bathroom, or under the dining room table.


And finally, the flip side of anger. I have a bit of a temper. Lets blame that on the "wee bit o' me" that is Irish (sorry, I had to). I have outgrown it some, but I occasionally lose my cool. Nothing out of control or worthy of a call to the police (that is supposed to be funny), but think more banging pans and throwing shoes. I have recently decided that my temper is not necessarily a bad thing. Being able to express emotion (within reason) is an expression of passion. Think, "if I didn't care so much, this wouldn't make me this upset." My husband may disagree, but he does understand my logic!  Could I use better avenues for dealing with my frustrations...absolutely! But, for me, I need to know that it is OK to feel anger. It is even OK to be angry. It is what I allow myself to do or become as a result of my anger that really matters. I have been reading a great deal about forgiveness. I need to work on forgiving myself. I need to "let myself of the hook" every now and then and I need to remember that the flip side of anger is great love and passion. So if I am capable of anger, I can flip it and let love and passion rule instead.

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