Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Perspective: Everyone Was Happy

My three year old's version of the Easter story:

Jesus died. Everyone was "beary" sad. Then they went to the drippy cave and Jesus was not there. It was a miracle! He was alive! Everyone was sooo happy. And then the big bad wolf blew down the three little pigs house.

From the mouths of babes! everything about his rendition of the Easter story is my favorite. What speaks to me the most though is his "everyone was sooo happy followed by the big bad wolf. Jesus's followers were so happy, but that isn't where the story ended. Figuratively there were still big bad wolves in the world. Everyone wasn't happy, but that ones that were, were happy in spite of what might happen next. In that moment it was a miracle and they were sooo happy.


Life doesn't always go as planned. In fact with two small children, supper rarely goes as planned let alone life! As it goes, the Easter weekend was beautiful. I had a very long weekend to recharge my batteries, spend time with my own kids and the hubby, and we even had made plans to all go to the farm together for Easter Sunday. Mother nature had other plans. The weather was beautiful, springlike...right up until Easter Sunday. As we headed out, my anxiety got the better of me before we had even left city limits...and I wasn't even the one driving! We stuck it out for several more miles, but when two sheriffs and an ambulance flew past us with there lights on, we decided we better turn back. I was sad. My boys were sad. My family at the farm was sad. I should have been happy just to have my boys and my hubby, but I was sad and I've learned that is OK too. Sadness is an expression of just how much something means to you and this day meant a lot, so I was sad.

The day was well spent anyway and relatively uneventful. Much better than spending the day in the ditch...life...God had a different plan for us and I am learning to trust that there was a reason, much bigger than my sadness, for this.

Everyone was soo happy in spite of "the Big Bad wolf." Happy Easter!

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