Monday, April 8, 2013

Living the American Dream

On our wedding day, a good friend of ours, while dancing with the bride (me), said, "Well - this is it.  You are living the American Dream.  It's pretty good."


I woke up early this morning for a snuggle with my little one and a few extra minutes to just lay in bed and savor the last few minutes of the weekend before it was officially Monday morning.  It was one of those fabulous, perfectly average weekends at our house.  The weather was spring-like, though you wouldn't know it today, and we spent time at the park, getting coffee, raking leaves, and finally-finally taking down Christmas lights.

Over supper at Dairy Queen last night, while savoring the creamy sweetness of our blizzards and the quiet from our boys that only comes when little mouths are full, I asked my hubby, "Is this what you pictured when you were younger and looking forward to your life."  His response - "Yes, yes it is and so much more."

It is the simple things that make me appreciate my life...and fast forward seven years...we are living the American Dream.  A little house, a little dog, some little kids, and a beautiful, wonderful marriage built on friendship, trust, and respect. 

It's pretty good.

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