Friday, April 5, 2013

And They Brougt Me Flowers

Yesterday was a sad day for me professionally.  I was totally bummed.  Instead of my afternoon run, I  had a glass of wine and a hot shower.  It helped.  I deserved it.  Today I am less angry, less sad, but still disappointed.  I am "cleansing" my classroom of junk and clutter in the hope that one day I will be thankful I did because I am moving...where to, I do not know yet...or maybe I will just be thankful it is clean and organized with more room for new treasures!

And then, my boys brought me flowers, purple wildflowers to be exact, and all was right with the world.  They brought me flowers and stopped in to eat their morning snack with me.  They snuggled and helped me file the junk during my prep period.  When they left, they left not only flowers, but warm arms, crumbs, and a sticky circle on my table.  And for now, that is enough.  I will close my door tonight and go home to my boys and know that that is enough. 

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