Friday, July 12, 2013

Swimming Lessons

My biggest little man started swimming lessons this week. Real swimming lessons; Don't need mom to swim with me; I can do it all by myself; swimming lessons. I won't lie, I had to swallow my tears and dab my eyes as I watched him happily march off with his preschool swimming class and teacher. Gulp. My baby is growing up. Tear. Sniff. Sniff.

There is a certain feeling of helpless, sadness in watching your children grow. However, watching my son walk away reminds me I am doing something right. He is secure enough in himself to know he can take this next step toward independence. Besides that, he never once stopped checking to be sure I was still there! I am doing something right..roots and wings.

I am so proud of the brilliant, vivacious, funny little boy he is growing into, but I am also mourning the baby years. Lately he has been wanting me to "read" his baby book to him. I can't believe he is three and a half already! Seriously now, where does the time go!?! The passage of time is inevitable, but experiencing these little moments reminds me to slow down and enjoy the here and now becase the truth is, my babies will grow up. The truth is, they will get older. I will get older. The truth is, every moment counts, even the bad ones. The truth is, I won't enjoy the bad moments. The truth is, I do need to be thankful for and praise God for the ALL the moments I have with my children.

Fly my little man, fly!

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