Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Independence Day

On Saturday, my husband was explaining to our three year old the significance of Independence Day. As my baby and I came banging out the tornado tattered (4 years ago - not recent) screen door onto the back deck, my three year old proudly proclaimed, "Mom - Independence Day means we can swing in our own backyard whenever we want," and then happily continued swinging back and forth in the blue little tikes swing in OUR backyard.


A few days later, on the actual Fourth of July...our family of four cuddled close watching the ten o'clock fireworks. The boys were dressed in their jammies and sweats with red, white, and blue glow lights adorning their necks (great idea Grammie!!) We brought the old patchwork quilt, spread it on the tailgate, and with one boy by my side, one in my lap and my hubby behind me, I thanked God for freedom.

Happy Independence Day!

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