Friday, July 12, 2013


My husband and I are currently working through a blip in our marriage. A blip, as defined by me, is not quite a bump in the road, but more like a strong pull toward the ditch, a pull that wakes you up and reminds you to keep your eyes on the road, slow down, enjoy the ride and know that there is a rest stop just ahead.

I wish that we were not experiencing this challenge right now, but I know from the past that when (not if) we make it through, we will come out stronger, better, more unified. I thank God for the gift of this challenge and the tools he is given me to overcome it. I thank God that I have a marriage worth sticking around and working for. I thank God for pushing my husband to be an honest man (though it took awhile, and hearts - specifically mine, were hurt in the process). I thank God for giving me this time to reflect on what I have done in the past to hurt our relationship as well as what I can do in the future to make our marriage stronger.

The truth is, there are blips in the road. The truth is, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. The truth is, this situation is NOT my fault. The truth is, this situation is not a reflection of my own self worth. The truth is internalizing this hurt, will only hurt me and our marriage more. The truth is, this will most certainly not be the last blip in our road.

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