Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfectionism and Jealousy

I haven't continued my story. In fact, I haven't written in three days. It isn't because I am suffering from writer's block. I am suffering from perfectionism. I feel like I can't publish on imperfect piece. I'm not so worried about the mechanics...that can be fixed later, but I want the meat to be perfect.

I'm am also suffering from jealousy. My jealousy is overshadowing what is...comparison is the thief of joy.

I am vowing to publish whatever comes out tomorrow!


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow! I relate to this post, and want to tell you that sometimes you have to write through the bits that just don't feel quite right to find a way for the words to make sense. Write and post away! You'll thank yourself later. :)

  2. Oh wow... this is me to a "T". I can publish daily thoughts and quick draft poems, but the stories that come into my head tend to die before hitting the world because I just can't get it "RIGHT".... Be brave, my friend...

  3. I'm reading your blog posts (backwards) right now. I'm glad you took the time off you needed to write again. You have a compelling story to tell. Don't worry about it being perfect. It's yours. It's getting written. And that is a grand thing to celebrate!